We’re Building the Path to a No-Compromise Energy World. Come Along.

We use science to make a positive difference to people’s lives everywhere.

Joi Scientific has assembled a powerful team with deep expertise and ingenuity to realize the promise of no-compromise energy with Hydrogen 2.0. We have worked together for years on the science to efficiently extract hydrogen from seawater, the technology to make it available on-demand at the point of use, and the business to make it affordable.

We are Joi Scientific and we are here to open up the Hydrogen 2.0 economy and make a lasting impact on industry, our society, and the planet.

Meet Our Management Team

Meet the team of passionate social entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, engineers and experienced global business leaders who work hard every day to bring about a brighter future powered by clean, abundant and affordable hydrogen.

There’s plenty of energy at Joi Scientific, and it’s not just the hydrogen kind.

We are optimists. We are inventive. We have deep expertise. We are purposeful. We are trustworthy.

Joi Scientific is comprised of a highly motivated, rather eclectic team of scientists, engineers, business developers and social entrepreneurs united by our desire to make the world a better place.

Get smart about Hydrogen 2.0