Stefan Sjöström
Expertise: Business and Developing Economies

Stefan Sjöström is Microsoft Vice President for the Public Sector Asia where he oversees sales and market development activities for Government, Public Safety & National Security, Healthcare and Education across the region.

In this capacity he seeks to enable and empower leaders across the public sector to draw value from technology to shape the future by reinventing productivity and building intelligent cloud platforms while unleashing the power of personal computing.

Sjöström has taken a proactive role to demonstrate to Asian leaders how technology can be leveraged as a game changer. He has worked with numerous city mayors to jointly organize events involving youth to create applications that improve on the quality of life in their cities.

He also recently provided thought leadership on the role of ICT in combatting human trafficking activities to senior government officials in collaboration with experts from several UN agencies and USAID. In partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Stefan championed the launch of a crowd funding portal, with the aim to raise funds to repatriate victims of trafficking. This effort is one of many that Sjöström leads to demonstrate how technology can be a disrupter to counter trafficking

Having worked in an international cross cultural environment for over 30 years, Sjöström has a deep understanding and an appreciation of global market dynamics as well as the need for embracing cultural and economic diversity

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2009, Stefan has held senior management and consulting positions with Memorex Corporation, Santa Cruz Operations and most recently as Vice President and Managing Director EMEA at Citrix Systems GmbH.


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