Robert Koeneman
President and SVP Technology

Robert Koeneman is a game-changer in aerospace science and technology. He has extensive experience in software engineering, system design, implementation and management. Koeneman played a pivotal role in leading the engineering teams responsible for the first of its kind Computerized Fault Reporting System (CFRS) for the F-15 USAF Military Fighter Program and the F-18 and C-17 weapon systems diagnostics.

For the past 30 years, he has worked at identifying mission-capable operational platforms; managing software and system designs resulting in multi-year, multi-hundred-million-dollar contracts with U.S. government agencies and civilian aviation organizations; and overseeing business operations for small and medium-sized organizations.

Before co-founding Joi Scientific, Koeneman spent more than a dozen years in the research, development and commercialization of aerospace avionic safety software. As President of Dimensional Research Incorporated, he designed and developed Airborne Situational Awareness System (ASAS) technology to modernize the nation’s airspace, in addition to managing daily operations and overseeing product commercialization for the civil, military and homeland defense markets.

He held the position of Senior Staff Scientist with Spectrum Sciences and Software, Inc., where he was responsible for internal research and development in aerospace avionic safety and simulation software and designed solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Department of State in addition to commercial organizations. He also served as President and CEO for Koeneman Research and Development Corporation for seven years, a company he founded in 1996.

Koeneman began his engineering career at McDonnell Douglas Corporation where he spent 18 years as a Senior Specialist Logistics Engineer and Project Lead for the design and development of the first of its kind Computerized Fault Reporting System (CFRS) for the F-15 USAF Military Fighter Program, which substantially increased flight safety while lowering operational maintenance costs. The CFRS system is credited with achieving multi-year contract funding in excess of $15 million per year.

Koeneman is a former United States Air Force airman. He holds multiple USAF operational awards and an Air Force Commendation Medal for his significant contribution to the operational test and evaluation of the USAF A-10 aircraft.

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