Bradford Baker
Expertise: Management and Operations

Bradford Baker is a serial entrepreneur, leader, manager, and strategist who has successfully guided several companies through explosive growth. He has held multiple leadership roles both in the private sector and the government since starting his first company in 1979 shortly after high school.

Baker currently serves as CEO of Nexus Biometrics, Inc., a leading provider of mobile security, tracking and fingerprint systems which he founded in 2004, and President of Bramar Developers, Inc., a large scale real estate development company he founded in 1998. For the past three years he served as Chairman of the board for Odyssey Marine (NASDAQ: OMEX), a world leader in ocean exploration. A member of Odyssey Marine’s board for ten years, Baker also chaired both their Audit Committee and Compensation Committee.

In 1988 Baker was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as one of the youngest White House Fellows ever; he served as Special Assistant to the Treasury Secretary and as Acting Executive Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. In 1989, he was appointed by President George H.W. Bush as one of four individuals to serve on the Executive Board of the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Oversight Board, which was established to reorganize the entire thrift banking industry. He served alongside Alan Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board), Nicolas Brady (Secretary of the Treasury) and Jack Kemp (Secretary of HUD).

In 1999, he was tapped by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to serve as Executive Director of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, a public/private state corporation responsible for granting almost $1 billion in government grants to promote affordable housing.

In 1995, Baker founded NetLine Communications, Inc., and implemented one of Florida’s first frame relay networks to provide Internet access throughout the state. One year later, Comcast Cable acquired NetLine Communications as the foundation for its successful @Home broadband cable division. Brad joined Comcast and served as Director of Business Development until 1997.

Throughout his career, Baker has held several senior executive offices in high profile companies, including Sterling Financial, Inc., and TechTime, a company he founded in 1985 and took public (NASDAQ: TTME).

He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Nova University.

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