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  • Hydrogen Matters: The One Minute Vision Behind Hydrogen 2.0

    In this video, Traver Kennedy explains the vision behind Hydrogen 2.0 and why we need to connect renewables to the wider economy to realize their full potential.


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  • Hydrogen: 8 Highs and Lows that Make it Exceptional

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  • Changing the Energy Game: A Clear Path to a Better Planet

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  • Hydrogen for a Better Planet

    Get this eBook and learn why hydrogen is one of the most promising alternatives for a sustainable planet for all.

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  • Hydrogen 2.0: The New Era of Abundant, Clean and Affordable Energy.

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  •   Who is Joi Scientific?

    Joi Scientific is a clean technology company that specializes in hydrogen production systems. Our Hydrogen 2.0 process uses an innovative technology to extract hydrogen from seawater at room temperature and ambient pressure to create a method of generating hydrogen on-demand. Our mission is to speed the world’s transition to clean, abundant and affordable hydrogen energy, in both developed and developing countries. The company is headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center.

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  •   What is Hydrogen 2.0?

    Joi Scientific has discovered a way to produce green hydrogen gas using seawater without additives, an industry first. We call this process Hydrogen 2.0. This technology can be installed onsite wherever it is needed to enable distributed, localized hydrogen production. It extracts hydrogen gas on-demand at the point of use at ambient pressure and room temperature, thereby, avoiding the need for specialized storage or distribution infrastructure for many applications.

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  •   How is Hydrogen 2.0 different from traditional hydrogen?

    Most hydrogen is produced by cracking natural gas (also known as steam methane reforming), which creates carbon dioxide as a byproduct and is typically performed centrally at a wellhead. Electrolysis, the separation of hydrogen from oxygen in water by passing an electrical current, offers some flexibility as to where it can be used; however, this process tends to be inefficient.

    In contrast to traditional hydrogen production methods, Hydrogen 2.0 extracts hydrogen gas from seawater without additives, an industry first. It is characterized by the following three key advantages:

    • Clean. The Hydrogen 2.0 production process can generate hydrogen without the use of chemicals or carbon emissions. On the consumption side, hydrogen fuel returns only water back into the environment.
    • On-Demand. Hydrogen 2.0 is characterized for its on-demand production. Hydrogen 2.0 will enable safe, localized generation of hydrogen on-site or on-board, where and when it is needed.
    • Affordable. Hydrogen 2.0 is designed to be cost competitive to other energy alternatives. It is also an energy source with a potentially unprecedented level of predictability in pricing stability.
  •   Why is localized hydrogen production where and when you need it so important?

    When you can make hydrogen where it is going to be consumed and when it is needed, you minimize storage and transportation costs, improve operation flexibility and make for a very safe energy source.

    Get this eBook and learn how Hydrogen 2.0 will transform the energy landscape and your use of energy.

  •   How can Hydrogen 2.0 be used?

    Hydrogen 2.0 can be used to power most anything that uses an engine or requires heat or electricity. It can be used to generate clean heat, electricity, and drinking water; store renewable solar and wind energy; make carbon-neutral synthetic fuels; and bring clean and affordable power to off-grid communities.

    Some example of commercial and industrial applications for Hydrogen 2.0 include:

    • Carbon-neutral synthetic fuel production
    • Sustainable fuel for heavy transportation (shipping, aviation, trucking)
    • Clean electricity for cities, data centers, and buildings
    • Heat and hot water for industrial and commercial boilers
    • Scalable, long-term renewable energy storage
    • Green hydrogen for industrial manufacturing and processes
    • Clean drinking water
    • Clean & affordable energy for developing economies

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  •   Will Joi Scientific license its technology?

    Joi Scientific will work with co-development partners, manufacturers, organizations and governments to make our Hydrogen 2.0 technology broadly available to meet consumer demand for sustainable energy. We seek to engage with organizations in both developed and developing economies in an effort to bring the benefits of Hydrogen 2.0 to every corner of the planet.

    To find out more, click here.

  •   Is Joi Scientific hiring?

    We are selectively hiring as we prepare to bring our Hydrogen 2.0 technology to market. If you have world-class skills in business, science or hydrogen energy, get in touch for possible opportunities within Joi Scientific.

  •   Where is Joi Scientific located?

    Our world headquarters is located at the Kennedy Space Center Space Life Sciences Lab.

    Joi Scientific, Inc.
    Kennedy Space Center
    Space Life Sciences Lab
    505 Odyssey Way, Suite #103
    Merritt Island, Florida 32953



    U.S. & Latin America: barry.tibbetts@joiscientific.com
    Canada: gary.chaikin@joiscientific.com
    Europe: michael.schoeneberg@joiscientific.com
    Asia: stefan@joiscientific.com

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  •   Why is hydrogen an important energy source?

    Hydrogen is an ideal source of energy because it is 100% clean and has high energy density. Unlike hydrocarbons which generate CO2, hydrogen combines with oxygen to release energy and form water molecules.

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