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  • Changing the Energy Game: A Clear Path to a Better Planet

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  • Hydrogen for a Better Planet

    Get this eBook and learn why hydrogen is one of the most promising alternatives for a sustainable planet for all.

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  • Hydrogen 2.0: The New Era of Abundant, Clean and Affordable Energy.

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  •   Who is Joi Scientific?

    Joi Scientific is a clean energy company that specializes in the development of affordable and sustainable solutions for clean energy, water and air. Our mission is to speed the world’s transition to clean, abundant and affordable hydrogen energy. The company’s breakthrough hydrogen extraction technology represents the first ‘no-compromise’ energy solution, economically and environmentally, with the potential to power all kinds of applications to help fuel growth and innovation everywhere ― in both developed and developing countries.

    Learn more here.

  •   What do you mean by ‘no-compromise’ energy?

    Joi Scientific was formed to break two widely held beliefs around hydrogen impossibilities. First that the compromises inherent in hydrocarbons – available at an affordable cost but at a high environmental impact – were the price to pay for affordable energy. Second that the universe’s most abundant element, hydrogen, could never be efficiently harvested to power our society.

    Breaking the century-old monopoly that hydrocarbons have enjoyed could only be done by tapping a source of plentiful energy that was clean and as affordable as oil and gas. For years, we have worked to make hydrogen a worthy contender to power our planet. We call this the era of Hydrogen 2.0, when the costly compromises of hydrocarbons to society and the impossibility to harvest hydrogen on a cost-competitive basis to all other forms of energy will have finally been broken.

    Explore more here.

  •   What is Hydrogen 2.0?

    Hydrogen 2.0 is based on a very efficient extraction technology that will enable the localized production of hydrogen energy at the point-of-use ―safely, affordably and with no carbon emissions. It represents a new era of ‘no-compromise’ energy, thereby, unlocking hydrogen’s potential as an affordable, emission-free and universally available clean energy alternative.

    Significant breakthroughs in the areas of production and consumption will soon enable hydrogen to be supplied as part of an efficient, low-cost process with no carbon footprint. The new Hydrogen 2.0 paradigm is designed to be cost-competitive to other forms of energy since it is based on the inexhaustible supply of hydrogen from water. Systems based on Hydrogen 2.0 will enable applications to extract hydrogen on-demand, at the point of use where and when it is needed, without special infrastructure requirements for storage, transportation, and distribution.

    Learn more here.

  •   How is Hydrogen 2.0 different from traditional hydrogen?

    Although hydrogen is the universe’s most abundant element and the world’s cleanest source of energy, its use has been restricted by challenges in how to efficiently harvest it, and then store, transport and release that energy. Historically, hydrogen has been made by reforming natural gas or through the gasification of coal. This means that hydrogen is most often made centrally at a wellhead or when connected to a pipeline. Electrolysis, the separation of hydrogen from oxygen in water by passing an electrical current, offers some flexibility as to where it can be used. However, this process is highly inefficient so the cost is not competitive, making it practical only for niche uses and applications.

    In contrast to traditional hydrogen production, Hydrogen 2.0 can be characterized by the following three key competitive advantages:

    • Zero Emissions. On the production side, the Hydrogen 2.0 extraction process will free hydrogen from its oxygen bond without chemicals or electrolysis, and without any greenhouse gas emissions. On the consumption side, hydrogen fuel returns only water back into the environment.
    • On-Demand. Hydrogen 2.0 is characterized for its on-demand production. Hydrogen 2.0 will enable the generation of hydrogen on-site or on-board, where and when it is needed.
    • Affordable. Finally, Hydrogen 2.0 is designed to be produced in abundance on a cost-competitive basis to all other energy alternatives. It is also an energy source with a potentially unprecedented level of predictability in pricing stability.

    Watch the Hydrogen 2.0 video here.

  •   What are the benefits of Hydrogen 2.0?

    These are the top 10 benefits of Hydrogen 2.0:

    • Available 24/7. Can offer uninterrupted availability and can be reliably produced any time, day or night, in any weather condition, anywhere.
    • Exists in abundance. Can turn nature’s most abundant substance, water, into clean energy.
    • It’s affordable. Designed to finally make hydrogen cost-competitive to other energy alternatives.
    • Cleans hydrocarbons. Can be used to manufacture synthetic gasoline or to enrich traditional fuels to make them burn cleaner, with less pollution.
    • Produces drinking water: Can produce pure water when combined with oxygen in the environment.
    • Is easy to store. Can be stored, without pressure, at a wide range of normal temperatures (0°C to 90°C).
    • Uses existing infrastructure. Will primarily use the world’s existing liquid fuel distribution channels so society doesn’t have to wait decades to reap the benefits of a clean, affordable and abundant energy source.
    • Made On-Demand. Can convert hydrogen into a gas at the point of use “where you need it” on-site or on-board and “when you need it” for instant consumption.
    • It’s Safe. Will store hydrogen in a liquid state at room temperature without pressure until the hydrogen is needed.
    • Produces Zero Emissions. Will use only abundant chemicals found in nature and produces zero pollutants during its production or use.

    Check out our Hydrogen 2.0 infographic.

  •   Why is localized hydrogen production where and when you need it so important?

    When you can make hydrogen where it is going to be consumed and when it is needed, you minimize storage and transportation costs, improve operation flexibility and make for a very safe energy source.

    Get this eBook and learn how Hydrogen 2.0 will transform the energy landscape and your use of energy.

  •   How can Hydrogen 2.0 be used?

    Hydrogen 2.0 can be used to power most anything that uses an engine or requires heat or electricity. It promises to enable a new generation of hydrogen-fueled applications for electrical power generation, heat generation, and transportation. Hydrogen 2.0 can even be used to produce drinking water.

    Some example of commercial and industrial applications for Hydrogen 2.0 include:

    • Boilers for heat and hot water
    • Heat for electrical production
    • Energy storage
    • Industrial energy
    • Combined heat and co-generated power units
    • Industrial gases
    • Clean drinking water
    • BTU enrichment
    • Synthetic gasoline
    • Fuel cells
    • Internal combustion engines
    • Clean & affordable energy for developing economies

    See more here.

  •   What is the science behind Hydrogen 2.0?

    Joi Scientific harnesses powerful forces observed in nature, combined in an innovative way, to liberate hydrogen from its oxygen bond in water far more efficiently and sustainably than ever before. Our approach promises to unlock a nearly inexhaustible source of energy for our society. We will share more information about our technology in later communications.

  •   Will Joi Scientific license its technology?

    While our intellectual property is proprietary, we’re committed to working with the widest possible partner base to lead the world’s transformation to a sustainable economy and deliver on our promise to make the most difference to the greatest number of lives.

    Joi Scientific plans to partner with manufacturers, organizations, and governments to make our Hydrogen 2.0 technology broadly available in the future to meet consumer demand for sustainable energy. We will engage with organizations in both developed and developing economies in an effort to bring the benefits of Hydrogen 2.0 to every corner of the planet in the future.

    To find out more, click here.

  •   Is Joi Scientific hiring?

    We are selectively hiring as we prepare to bring our Hydrogen 2.0 technology to market. If you have world-class skills in business, science or hydrogen energy, get in touch for possible opportunities within Joi Scientific.

  •   Where is Joi Scientific located?

    Our world headquarters is located at the Kennedy Space Center Space Life Sciences Lab.

    Joi Scientific, Inc.
    Kennedy Space Center
    Space Life Sciences Lab
    505 Odyssey Way, Suite #103
    Merritt Island, Florida 32953



    U.S. & Latin America: ken.harden@joiscientific.com
    Canada: gary.chaikin@joiscientific.com
    Europe: michael.schoeneberg@joiscientific.com
    Asia: tom.elowson@joiscientific.com

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