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Hydrogen 2.0 holds the potential to open a new era of commercially viable hydrogen applications that may change the way we power our homes, cars, factories and cities in the future. Applications powered by Hydrogen 2.0 are designed to be cost-competitive to other energy sources while delivering a low environmental footprint. It will also enable on-demand production capabilities, removing the need for costly storage, pipelines, and distribution of hydrogen in its gaseous or liquid state.

If you ever longed for a first-mover advantage, this is it.

Joi Scientific is committed to working with a broad partner base to accelerate the spread of future Hydrogen 2.0 solutions that can make a positive impact for people everywhere.

We will work with partners across the entire energy value chain and, where possible, try to leverage existing infrastructures to accelerate the future adoption of Hydrogen 2.0 technology. Energy producers, distributors, industrial users, manufacturers, and integrators will be able to turn Hydrogen 2.0 technology into meaningful low-carbon applications that can change their game.

Given the planet’s energy needs and constraints, the upside for your business and your stakeholders may simply be unprecedented.

There’s A Hydrogen 2.0 Application With Your Name On It. Claim It.

Practically any organization that runs on energy will be able to use Hydrogen 2.0 to meet consumer demand for clean energy solutions.

These are some of the applications that can benefit from plentiful, clean and affordable Hydrogen 2.0 energy.

Joi(n) the Hydrogen 2.0 Movement.

We’re looking for committed, well-resourced partners to co-develop meaningful applications suited to specific markets.

Joi Scientific works with a broad range of partners including those with a deep understanding of a specific industry or application, an existing customer base or partner ecosystem, a ready-made storage or distribution infrastructure, or strong relationships with governments and industry leaders.

Together, we can drive clean energy innovation across a wide range of industries and geographies.


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