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Clean, affordable, plentiful hydrogen. Imagine the possibilities.

Hydrogen is the universe’s most abundant element and the world’s cleanest source of energy. But its use has been restricted by challenges in how to safely harvest, store, transport, and release that energy.

Joi Scientific is working to overcome these hurdles. Our patented Hydrogen 2.0 technology will enable the localized production of hydrogen gas from seawater—safely, affordably, and without carbon emissions.

Hydrogen 2.0 is a smart approach to producing sustainable energy on-demand, where and when it’s needed.


Unlike traditional hydrogen production processes that emit around 8 kilograms of greenhouse gases for every 1 kilogram of hydrogen produced, the Hydrogen 2.0 production process can generate hydrogen without the use of chemicals or carbon emissions.

The consumption of hydrogen fuel returns only water back into the atmosphere.


Traditional hydrogen production is a centralized process that requires specialized and expensive infrastructure for safe storage and distribution. This constrains hydrogen’s availability and efficiency.

Systems using Hydrogen 2.0 will enable the localized production of hydrogen. This means hydrogen can be safely generated on-demand, on-site or on-board, where and when it is needed. The process operates at ambient pressure and room temperature using seawater as its feedstock, which can eliminate the need for specialized storage and distribution infrastructure.


Hydrogen 2.0 is designed to be cost-competitive to other energy sources. Since Hydrogen 2.0 is made from nature’s most abundant resources, it won’t require expensive exploration or drilling and is available 24/7.

The benefits of Hydrogen 2.0 can be shared worldwide without the need for the highly expensive infrastructure required for the transportation and distribution of traditional hydrogen, making it ideal for developing economies.

It’s Like Rocket Science ... for Energy.

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