Clean and Affordable Hydrogen Energy. Democratized.

Clean, abundant and affordable Hydrogen 2.0 for the developing world.

Joi Scientific’s “Hydrogen 2.0 For All” initiative aims to provide future energy and water relief to developing economies. The cornerstone to this initiative is our Hydrogen 2.0 One-for-One Program. After we launch this program, for every Hydrogen 2.0 commercial license we sell, Joi Scientific pledges to donate one royalty-free license to a community of need.

That is clean and affordable energy for those who need it the most.

Watch how affordable energy can make developing economies around the world thrive.

1 billion people have no access to electricity.

In this era of ubiquitous WiFi and social media, 20% of the world’s population still live without access to power for education, medicine or infrastructure.

That is zero power for things we take for granted, such as preserving food, responding to emergencies and communicating with the rest of the world.

We are working to fix that.

Energizing communities.

Joi Scientific is committed to delivering transformational projects to developing economy villages and impoverished communities in cities as part of our social contribution to society.

We will work with our partners to lay the foundation to construct future facilities for education, healthcare, fresh water production, and electricity generation in the villages of developing economies in every corner of our planet.

Together, we believe these crucial elements of life quality will be catalysts for change. With clean water and electricity, food production and small business ventures will thrive, people will be healthier, and they will be able to focus on enhancing the quality of their lives, not just in struggling to survive.

Join us.

Engineered for impact.

Help us make an impact for those who need access to energy.

Future Hydrogen 2.0 For All projects will be designed to support the basic water, electricity, health and education requirements for a community with up to 200 people. We plan to partner with leading solar, fuel cell, information technology, education and school building enterprises to install village complexes that source fresh water, electricity and child/adult education sufficient to meet their life, food production, and business venture requirements.


Partner with us to make an impact!

We are calling on NGOs, foundations, non-profits, developing countries and companies around the world to partner with us on our Village Quality of Life Program.

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