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By Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO on February 16, 2016
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Nelson Mandela once said: “It always seems impossible until it’s done”

You can see it all around. An Olympic time that seems impossible for athletes to reach is suddenly achieved by a competitor; soon others not only reach, but break, that record. Walking on the Moon is a dream until one visionary sets the sight and resources of his country on it, and in less than a decade, it is done. Sleek, powerful automobiles powered only by electricity evade decades of research in Detroit and Japan until a Silicon Valley dreamer proves it is possible …and a political prisoner frees his people from oppression and becomes the leader of his country after three decades in jail.

You get the picture. A breakthrough by a determined person makes it impossible no more. Others follow that trail.

No matter what the impossible is.

Ours is a blog about the impossible becoming possible. This is a canvas for game-changing ideas and reflections about enlightenment, ingenuity and sustainability around energy.

Those who make the impossible possible for everyone else to follow are called trailblazers.

Ingenuity and a firm belief in the human potential enabled a bicycle shop in Ohio to open the air to human travel; those values also enabled a teenage gymnast from Romania to get an impossibly perfect score at the Montreal Olympics; and they inspired a patent clerk in Switzerland to unseat centuries of Newtonian physics. At first, it was they alone, armed with their determination that navigated the sea of darkness, uncertainty and skepticism that ‘it couldn’t be done.’ With their inner light passion and inventiveness as their only guides, trailblazers work hard against the odds to realize their vision. After they break through the impossible, history in those fields is written by them and by the many others who enthusiastically follow the trail they open.

That’s how civilization makes progress.

Meet Joi Scientific

My colleagues and I formed Joi Scientific with the mission to expedite the world’s transition to clean and affordable hydrogen energy. We were determined to break two impossibilities: first that the compromises inherent in dirty hydrocarbons were the price to pay for affordable energy; second that the universe’s most abundant element – hydrogen – could never be efficiently harvested to power our society.

In this sense, we are trailblazers.

Focus, sheer determination, ingenuity, faith and a bit of luck helped us to make these impossibilities possible. Years of hard work to realize our mission are enabling us to finally offer the world hydrogen as a clean and affordable energy source to power everything, everywhere. History on this no-compromise energy source to power growth and innovation for our planet will be written by many.

Meet Hydrogen 2.0

Breaking the century-old monopoly that hydrocarbons have enjoyed could only be done by tapping a source of plentiful energy that was clean and economically competitive. For years, we have worked to make the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, a worthy contender to replace carbon-based fuels to power our planet.

We call this the era of Hydrogen 2.0. In this new era, the taboos of the painful compromises of hydrocarbons and the impossibility to harvest hydrogen are set to be broken.

Impossible no-compromise energy is no more.

We’re just beginning. Our job is to make Hydrogen 2.0 broadly available to industry, societies and other inventors, so they can use it to fuel growth and innovation in a sustainable and economical way. We’re assembling an ecosystem of valuable partners in industry, government and other organizations to make Hydrogen 2.0 available to power all kinds of applications – from your car to your city – in every corner of the planet – especially in developing economies.

This is the era of plentiful, clean and affordable possibility. Follow the story of this exceptional energy source. Subscribe to Hydrogen 2.0: The No Compromise Energy Blog.


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