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By Vicky Harris, Vice President Marketing on April 22, 2016
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Today, the world celebrates the 46th annual Earth Day. But this year, we celebrate it in a monumental way: up to 155 countries are signing the Paris Agreement on climate change at a ceremony at the UN in New York City this morning. The road to this landmark was arduous. The challenges that countries big and small, developed and developing faced were formidable. However, the common good to preserve our beautiful planet prevailed. The U.S. and China, for instance, have called efforts to fight climate change a “pillar” in their bilateral relationship.

Today is, indeed, quite a day to celebrate. At Joi Scientific, we champion the enormous effort, ingenuity and commitment to sustainable progress made by the countries signing the Paris Agreement with a visual journey to celebrate the joy of living on this amazing planet we all share.

Enjoy the view.


“Earth Rising”

Apollo 11 Mission. View of moon limb with Earth on the horizon, Mare Smythii Region, July 1969.


“Dancing Lights”

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and ESA astronaut Tim Peake. Aurora and the Pacific Northwest, taken from the International Space Station, January 20, 2016.


“Gracious Giant”

By the light of the moon, a whale majestically navigates the waters at the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, February 5, 2014.


“Radiant Wings”

On a crisp winter morning, seagulls follow a fishing boat off the coast of California, January 10, 2011.


“Airy Supper”

A sea lion comes up for air, just in time for dinner, in Petersburg, Alaska, August 6, 2012.


“Resiliently Fragile”

Fungi growing on a fallen redwood tree in Muir Woods, California, December 8, 2007.


“The Extraterrestrial”

With Earth as the backdrop, a Zinnia flower grows inside the Veggie facility onboard the International Space Station, January 17, 2016


“Icy Tranquility”

The sun sets behind a mountain at Union Glacier, part of the Heritage Range in the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica, November 29, 2012.


“Life Awakens”

The sun comes out at Joshua Tree National Park in California, September 9, 2015.


“Glacial Abstract”

Macro study of an iceberg, home to birds, fish and microorganisms, Antarctica, December 1, 2009.


“Nature’s Bridge”

Rainbow appears after rain moves on, Northern Europe, August 8, 2012.


We hope you are inspired by these photographs from NASA and photographer Christopher Michel. To mark the Paris Agreement signing ceremony, the UN launched a social media tree-planting campaign. The campaign uses the hashtags #ParisAgreement and #Trees4Earth. To participate click here.

Photo Credits

Captions written by Joi Scientific.

“Earth Rising,” “Dancing Lights,” and “The Extraterrestrial” by NASA on The Commons [Public domain or No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons.

“Gracious Giant,” “Brilliant Wings,” “Airy Supper,” “Resiliently Fragile,” “Icy Tranquility,” “Life Awakens,” “Glacial Abstract” and “Nature’s Bridge” courtesy of Silicon Valley photographer Christopher Michel.

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