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Opportunities to fuel change don’t come along every day.

Our Hydrogen 2.0 technology and the business model we have in place represent a transformational change for energy. We successfully raised Series A capital that has taken us to where we are now. We’re now raising a Series B round in order to capitalize on Joi Scientific’s technology breakthroughs and accelerate our go-to-market plan.

Ours may be the most impactful investment you realize.

We are in a unique position to address the pressing need for clean, abundant and affordable energy that, for the first time, represents a no-compromise solution for economics and for the environment.

Three milestones took us to where we are today:


Technological Feasibility.

Before us, hydrogen extraction methods were highly inefficient. The energy required to extract hydrogen from water or to refine hydrogen from natural gas made it uncompetitive to other forms of energy (and not so clean). It also made it difficult to store and transport. This limited hydrogen applications to a small niche of gas-powered systems and storage cells.

Joi Scientific is changing the game.

Hydrogen 2.0 is based on a proprietary system designed to extract hydrogen from water at rates that make it cost-competitive. A second hurdle we solved was to make hydrogen extracted by our system available on-site and on-demand safely. This technical readiness milestone took us years to achieve and gives Joi Scientific the necessary competitive edge to capitalize on our inventions.

Seamless Business Model.

Despite pressing demand for a clean, abundant and affordable option to hydrocarbons, over the past century our society has invested in a gigantic infrastructure to bring them to market. To be economically viable, a hydrogen alternative to traditional fuels requires the use of the pipes, tanks and transportation systems already in place to deliver today’s energy.

We’ve done just that.

Our go-to-market criteria was to use current infrastructure to deliver next-generation Hydrogen 2.0 energy. Joi Scientific will deliver clean, abundant and affordable hydrogen to power all kinds of applications without the friction that installing new infrastructure would require. This synergy not only makes us cost-competitive, it makes the adoption curve much shorter.


A Proven Team of Game-changers.

Being the new kid on the block takes toughness and stamina. From the beginning, we realized that the transformation we embarked on requires more than innovative technology and a seamless business model.

Transformational technologies require a transformational team.

The business team behind Joi Scientific includes some of the people that made the cloud not only feasible but ubiquitous. Our co-founder and CEO, Traver Kennedy, is recognized for his influential role in opening the market for cloud computing and transforming the threatened power players into enthusiastic partners that helped spread the adoption of such a transformative way to do business online. With this ace under his belt, Traver assembled the business, technical and scientific team to do the same for Hydrogen 2.0.

Meet the Game-Changers.

At Joi Scientific, social entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, engineers and experienced global business leaders are working hard to bring about a brighter future. We are headquartered at the epicenter where many of humanity’s most transformative innovations have launched: Kennedy Space Center.


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