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By Vicky Harris, Vice President Marketing on July 12, 2016
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New eBook for Your Summer Reading

“The only thing that is constant is change.” With this assertion, Heraclitus of Ephesos entered posterity making himself as relevant today as 2,500 years ago. Change, indeed, is humanity’s innovation engine. Change first takes us out of our collective comfort zone, usually by surprise, and then opens possibilities we never imagined. When it becomes the new normal, another wave of change sweeps us forward yet again.

With this spirit in mind, we wrote our second eBook, Hydrogen for a Better Planet. It is a narrative of the coming of age of hydrogen and how this most basic, energetic, and fascinating element may bring about the change our planet needs—the change towards no-compromise sustainability.

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Like other transformational technologies, hydrogen holds the potential to bring about not only a clean planet powered by plentiful energy, but a wave of innovation in society and industry that we cannot accurately predict, or fully envision today.

Take the Internet for example. It took about 25-years from the time of the first Internet transmission between UCLA and a lab in Menlo Park, California, to bring about the information revolution. When the Internet pioneers connected those early computers and networks together to create a web of electronic communication to facilitate collaboration, they never imagined Facebook, Google, or the Internet-enabled apps we now use every day. This revolution came only after decades of incremental innovation. The transformative revolution introduced by the Internet was just one more wave of humanity’s “constant change.” From the steam engine to electricity and the discovery of oil, new technologies continue to change the game and move us forward.

We believe we are entering the hydrogen era. After decades of research, experimentation and incremental innovation, hydrogen has the potential to become the energy alternative of choice to address climate change and economic inequality caused by the lack of access to energy for more than one billion people. Our new eBook explores how hydrogen—the universe’s most abundant element—went from being invisible to us, to playing a central role in some of the most significant scientific discoveries of the past 500 years, to providing a viable energy alternative that can help us solve one of today’s most pressing issues.

The incremental steps of the past 40 years in the areas of hydrogen production, storage and distribution constitute a critical mass for the next big change. We believe the hydrogen revolution will emerge alongside Hydrogen 2.0—the localized, safe and on-demand production of clean and affordable hydrogen fuel from seawater. Hydrogen 2.0 has the potential to address climate change. But the transformative innovation it can spur beyond this urgent issue will be as fascinating and as unpredictable as the one brought about by the Internet, electricity, or even fossil fuels. After all, the only constant is change.

We hope you enjoy our new eBook and your summer. Download Hydrogen for a Better Planet here.

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