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Driving down the total cost of clean energy.

For the past few decades, a hydrogen economy has held the greatest promise for a clean energy future. Only to be held back by the total costs and logistics of production, storage and distribution challenges. Not to mention greenhouse gases.

Hydrogen 2.0 has the potential to usher in a new hydrogen era through the applicability of hydrogen as a practical, abundant, and sustainable energy source.

These are the A, B, C’s Enabling the Hydrogen 2.0 Economy.


Abundant Materials.

Plentiful water is the raw material of the Hydrogen 2.0 economy. It offers a green lifecycle based on readily available, low-cost, and recycled materials. This helps to ensure people everywhere are close to a source that Hydrogen 2.0 can use to work its magic.

Materials in: Just the most abundant stuff here on Earth and in the universe. Materials out: hydrogen + pure water (discards you can drink).

Better Extraction Method.

Hydrogen 2.0 will make the need for costly hydrogen storage and distribution a thing of the past. It introduces a novel way to store the hydrogen in water at room temperature and ambient pressure before the hydrogen is extracted. The hydrogen is converted into a gas on-demand, where and when it’s needed, on-board or on-site, making it a fully distributed process (vs. the current centralized one).

Because it is stored as water until it is needed, Hydrogen 2.0 will be safe to handle and store. It is non-flammable and non-hazardous for people and the environment.


Current Infrastructure.

Hydrogen 2.0 will make it possible for hydrogen to be easily distributed as a water-based fuel that can safely use the world’s existing energy distribution channels. It does not require expensive retrofitting or a new infrastructure to get energy where it’s needed. It can use existing liquid fuel infrastructure― standard tanks, pumps and nozzles.

Hydrogen 2.0 will leverage existing distribution channels so that society doesn’t have to wait decades to reap the benefits of a clean, affordable and abundant energy source.

Joi Scientific is working to enable a future generation of hydrogen-fueled applications for electrical power, heat generation, transportation and even drinking water. Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to applying Hydrogen 2.0 to power everything―from cars to cities.

Here are just a few of the early applications for clean, abundant and affordable Hydrogen 2.0.

Hydrogen 2.0 Applications


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