Hydrogen 2.0: Don’t Pick It Because It’s Clean, Pick It Because It Saves You Money

By Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO on September 06, 2016
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In this short, one-minute video, I make the case for how Hydrogen 2.0 can facilitate renewables and provide a cost-competitive alternative to other fuels. Simply stated, don’t pick Hydrogen 2.0 because it is clean, pick it because it saves you money.

As amazing as wind and solar are as renewable and clean sources of energy, they present two challenges:

1. Availability

You can get them when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. One of the obstacles for both wind and solar is that they are not available to meet the 24/7 energy demands of our society, whether you are in an urban area or the countryside. The intermittency of solar and wind is especially challenging for electric utilities, which are trying to balance the grid and deal with peak energy demand.

2. Cost 

The other major challenge with these renewables is that they generally cost more than the hydrocarbon alternatives that consumers and industry have at their disposal. As a result, market laws set in: higher costs have slowed down the adoption of renewable energy sources. Solar and wind intermittency also results in higher energy costs for consumers in the form of “demand charges” on their utility bills.

Hydrogen 2.0 Facilitates Renewables

I believe the solution to finding alternatives to fossil fuels will come from different energy sources that can complement each other. Watch this new video and learn how our work on Hydrogen 2.0 complements renewables by giving society an abundant source of energy that:

  • Offers 24/7 availability;
  • Generated as a sustainable source of energy that’s carbon-free;
  • Produced and taken to market in a way that’s cost-competitive to hydrocarbons and other alternatives; and
  • Makes the management of peaks much easier for utilities.


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