Hydrogen 2.0 and Bill Gates’ Superpower of Available, Clean and Affordable Energy

By Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO on February 25, 2016
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The one Superpower to make a difference

Bill and Melinda Gates dedicated their annual letter this year to the availability of clean energy. To the question “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” their answer was quick and simple: “energy to fuel poverty reduction.” They went on to challenge readers to imagine a life without energy.

Can you?


1.3 billion people are only asking for power, not for a superpower

As Bill and Melinda indicate in their letter, 1.3 billion people do not need to imagine a life without power—“that is what life is like for them every day.” Don’t just picture the basics; visualize zero power for things like giving birth at night or keeping food from rotting. In this context, power becomes a fundamental human rights issue for a whopping 18% of the world’s population.

The Gates, who have been an amazing force for good in this world, are optimistic about the prospects of this superpower of energy materializing. And for good reason. In their letter, they go on to say “we’re betting that within 15 years, scientists and engineers will develop big breakthroughs that will put us on a path to zero carbon emissions and make energy more affordable for everyone.”

We actually don’t need to make a bet: clean, affordable and available energy for everyone, everywhere is much closer than that.

Clean, affordable and available: a call Hydrogen 2.0 is answering today

We’ve been working hard to actualize the “energy miracle” that Bill and Melinda Gates refer to in their letter. We launched Joi Scientific last week with the mission to expedite the world’s transition to clean and affordable hydrogen energy, and to make it available to people everywhere, in both developed and developing economies. After years of painstaking and tenacious research, we are happy to say that we now have the technology to give the Gates (and the world) the superpower they are longing for. We call it Hydrogen 2.0.

Hydrogen 2.0 aims to answer the urgent call for clean, affordable energy, available to all, by realizing the transformational, localized production of hydrogen at the point-of-use―safely, affordably and with no carbon emissions. Like other monumental calls for ingenuity to move humanity forward, this one is being answered from the Kennedy Space Center. From our headquarters there, we have developed efficient extraction technology to produce hydrogen gas on-demand, from water, where and when it is needed.

The Superpower of clean, affordable and available energy is a movement

We celebrate and champion Bill and Melinda Gates’ call for clean energy to fuel our society. Their goal is no longer a noble intention: it is a movement joined by people everywhere—from governments to scientists to companies—to the world’s biggest and smartest philanthropists.

Our collective work and ingenuity to tackle the urgent need for clean energy that reaches every corner of the planet will soon bear fruit so that the future “energy miracle” becomes a near-term reality that benefits everyone, everywhere, starting today.

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Photography courtesy of Silicon Valley entrepreneur and photographer Christopher Michel.


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