What is Hydrogen 2.0?

By Joi Scientific, dmin on January 26, 2016
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Hydrogen 2.0 is based on a very efficient extraction technology that will enable the localized production of hydrogen energy at the point-of-use ―safely, affordably and with no carbon emissions. It represents a new era of ‘no-compromise’ energy, thereby, unlocking hydrogen’s potential as an affordable, emission-free and universally available clean energy alternative.

Significant breakthroughs in the areas of production and consumption will soon enable hydrogen to be supplied as part of an efficient, low-cost process with no carbon footprint. The new Hydrogen 2.0 paradigm is designed to be cost-competitive to other forms of energy since it is based on the inexhaustible supply of hydrogen from water. Systems based on Hydrogen 2.0 will enable applications to extract hydrogen on-demand, at the point of use where and when it is needed, without special infrastructure requirements for storage, transportation, and distribution.

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