What do you mean by ‘no-compromise’ energy?

By Joi Scientific, dmin on January 26, 2016
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Joi Scientific was formed to break two widely held beliefs around hydrogen impossibilities. First that the compromises inherent in hydrocarbons – available at an affordable cost but at a high environmental impact – were the price to pay for affordable energy. Second that the universe’s most abundant element, hydrogen, could never be efficiently harvested to power our society.

Breaking the century-old monopoly that hydrocarbons have enjoyed could only be done by tapping a source of plentiful energy that was clean and as affordable as oil and gas. For years, we have worked to make hydrogen a worthy contender to power our planet. We call this the era of Hydrogen 2.0, when the costly compromises of hydrocarbons to society and the impossibility to harvest hydrogen on a cost-competitive basis to all other forms of energy will have finally been broken.

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