What are the benefits of Hydrogen 2.0?

By Joi Scientific, dmin on January 26, 2016
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These are the top 10 benefits of Hydrogen 2.0:

  • Available 24/7. Can offer uninterrupted availability and can be reliably produced any time, day or night, in any weather condition, anywhere.
  • Exists in abundance. Can turn nature’s most abundant substance, water, into clean energy.
  • It’s affordable. Designed to finally make hydrogen cost-competitive to other energy alternatives.
  • Cleans hydrocarbons. Can be used to manufacture synthetic gasoline or to enrich traditional fuels to make them burn cleaner, with less pollution.
  • Produces drinking water: Can produce pure water when combined with oxygen in the environment.
  • Is easy to store. Can be stored, without pressure, at a wide range of normal temperatures (0°C to 90°C).
  • Uses existing infrastructure. Will primarily use the world’s existing liquid fuel distribution channels so society doesn’t have to wait decades to reap the benefits of a clean, affordable and abundant energy source.
  • Made On-Demand. Can convert hydrogen into a gas at the point of use “where you need it” on-site or on-board and “when you need it” for instant consumption.
  • It’s Safe. Will store hydrogen in a liquid state at room temperature without pressure until the hydrogen is needed.
  • Produces Zero Emissions. Will use only abundant chemicals found in nature and produces zero pollutants during its production or use.

Check out our Hydrogen 2.0 infographic.