Hydrogen for a Better Planet
A promising alternative for a sustainable planet for all

By Joi Scientific on Jul 2016

After decades of research, experimentation and incremental innovation, hydrogen finally has the potential to become the energy alternative of choice to address climate change and economic inequality caused by the lack of access to energy for one billion people.

Like other transformational technologies, hydrogen holds the potential to bring about not only a clean planet powered by plentiful energy, but a new wave of innovation in society and industry.

Download our new eBook: Hydrogen for a Better Planet

Learn how hydrogen—the universe’s most abundant element—went from being invisible to us, to playing a central role in some of the most significant scientific discoveries of the past 500 years.

Hydrogen for a Better Planet is a narrative of the coming of age of hydrogen and how this most basic, energetic, and fascinating element can bring about the change our planet needs—the change towards no-compromise sustainability.

The eBook covers:

  • Hydrogen history in ten milestones
  • Why hydrogen can help us leap to a clean planet
  • The economic challenges of getting to a hydrogen economy
  • A world powered by Hydrogen: current work, challenges and outlook for Hydrogen 2.0
  • The developing world: the imperative need for fuel availability