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By Joi Scientific on Jan 2016

For many years, hydrogen has held the greatest promise for a clean energy future. But the promise has never materialized. Getting to the use of hydrogen as a practical fuel source has been held back by the challenges of how to efficiently harvest, store, transport and release that potential energy.

Until now.

Hydrogen 2.0 represents a major breakthrough in hydrogen’s viability as a primary contributor to the world’s energy mix. It promises to change the economics and environmental impact of clean energy production by delivering:

– Production costs that are cost-competitive
– No carbon emissions, from production to consumption
– Full leverage of existing distribution and liquid fuel supply chains
– Inherently safe handing with no storage or distribution hazards

Download our eBook on Hydrogen 2.0: The Era of Abundant, Clean and Affordable Energy.

Learn how Hydrogen 2.0 may usher in a new era of abundant, clean and affordable energy. The comprehensive eBook will teach you how Hydrogen 2.0 holds the potential to transform the energy landscape and how it may impact your use of energy.

The eBook covers the following topics:

– Today’s unbalanced energy cycle
– A brief history of hydrogen
– Why hydrogen’s use as an energy source has been limited
– How Hydrogen 2.0 may change the game
– Industry applications primed for Hydrogen 2.0