The No-Compromise Energy Company. Launched.

A clean energy future for everyone, everywhere.

Clean energy alternatives traditionally have come with expensive trade-offs that blocked progress. Joi Scientific set out to change that by assembling a world-class team of scientists, engineers and business leaders who believe that hydrogen holds the key to giving the world a viable clean energy alternative.

After years of research, we devised a way to extract hydrogen gas using seawater without additives, an industry first. This process, known as Hydrogen 2.0, produces hydrogen gas on-demand at the point of use at ambient pressure and room temperature, which can eliminate the need for specialized storage or distribution infrastructure for many applications.

Hydrogen 2.0 has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the global transition to renewable energy.

Hydrogen Hub at the Kennedy Space Center

Joi Scientific is part of a select group of innovative companies working at the Kennedy Space Center to launch transformative technologies to make the world a better place. Our scientists and engineers are developing the cutting-edge technology that powers Hydrogen 2.0 at the Space Life Sciences Lab.

The lab’s rich heritage of space and moon exploration, spirit of discovery, and quest for new scientific understanding provide the perfect backdrop for our work.

Seems quite fitting.

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We are inspired by a bold vision.

To make nature’s most abundant clean energy source, hydrogen, available to everyone on the planet, without compromise.

We work with a focused mission.

To lead the global transition to a Hydrogen 2.0 economy by producing clean, safe, affordable hydrogen energy solutions and by working with the broadest possible partner ecosystem to make the greatest global impact.

Solid values take us there.

To use science to make a positive difference to people’s lives everywhere. We have a passion for solving the world’s most pressing challenges―including clean energy and water―to bring about a sustainable planet for everyone.

Joi Scientific’s Core Values and Brand Promise are the North Star that guide us as we fulfill our ‘No-Compromise Energy’ promise.

Stay in the know.

As the Hydrogen 2.0 ecosystem gains momentum, we’ll be sharing our views and insights on the new Hydrogen 2.0 Economy. We also update our blog every week with insightful and current knowledge in this growing energy field.


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