The No-Compromise Energy Company. Launched.

A clean energy future for everyone, everywhere.

In the beginning, we felt constrained. All clean energy innovation alternatives came with expensive trade-offs that blocked humanity’s harmonious progress. To us, that didn’t make sense.

Thus, began our multi-year quest to create clean, abundant and affordable energy, so everyone, everywhere could innovate without compromise. We’re assembling an ecosystem of valuable partners in industry and government so that all kinds of future applications powered by the Hydrogen 2.0 economy can hit the market.

This is the company we’re building to make it happen.

The Most Planet Friendly Team. Ever Assembled.
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We are inspired by a bold vision.

To make nature’s most abundant clean energy source, hydrogen, available to everyone on the planet, without compromise.

We work with a focused mission.

To lead the global transition to a Hydrogen 2.0 economy by producing clean, safe, low-cost hydrogen energy solutions and by working with the broadest possible partner ecosystem to make the greatest global impact.

Solid values take us there.

We use science to make a positive difference to people’s lives everywhere. We have a passion for solving the world’s most pressing challenges – including clean energy, water and air – to bring about a sustainable planet for everyone.

How’s that for an energy company?

Joi Scientific’s Core Values and Brand Promise are the North Star that guide us as we fulfill our ‘No-Compromise Energy’ promise.

Did we Mention…?

Joi Scientific is part of a select group of innovative companies working at Kennedy Space Center to launch transformative technologies that hold the potential to make the world a better place. Our scientists and engineers are developing the cutting-edge technology that powers Hydrogen 2.0 at the Kennedy Space Centers Space Life Sciences Lab.

The lab’s rich heritage of space and moon exploration, sprit of discovery, and quest for new scientific understanding provides the perfect backdrop for our work.

Seems quite fitting.

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As the Hydrogen 2.0 ecosystem gains momentum, we’ll be sharing our views and insights on the new Hydrogen 2.0 Economy. We also update our blog every week with insightful and current knowledge in this growing energy field.


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