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By Vicky Harris, Vice President Marketing on December 19, 2017
Vicky Harris
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A Clear Path to a Better Planet

Six years ago, renowned futurist and author Jeremy Rifkin released his seminal book, “The Third Industrial Revolution,” where he envisioned a future in which “millions of buildings will become power plants that will load renewable energy. We will load solar power from the sun, wind from turbines and even ocean waves on each coast.”

As we optimistically look forward to 2018, it is becoming clear that in some parts of the world, Rifkin’s future is, in fact, already here. Although not quite numbering in the “millions” yet, smart buildings that adapt to the conditions around them to generate their own energy in the most efficient way are sprouting everywhere. From office buildings that harvest solar and wind, to data center designs that let cool air and water in to reduce cooling costs, the way we generate and use energy is going through a revolutionary transformation.

A Holiday Gift

Just in time for the holidays, our newly released eBook, Changing the Energy Game: A Clear Path to a Better Planet, explores how the energy game is changing to become more resilient and sustainable.

Just in time for the holidays! Get your copy of our new eBook, Changing the Energy Game

The centralized energy generation and delivery systems of the past are giving way to a more balanced energy mix where utilities and their customers become partners. Utilities have adapted their business models to the new way of playing and have subsequently become the biggest adopters of wind and solar. Meanwhile, off-the-grid electricity generation has emerged, in ways quite close to what Rifkin envisioned, to ease the stress on the grid and make for a more efficient and sustainable system whereby everybody wins.

Changing the Energy Game puts today’s energy transformation in context. The eBook explores how technological advancements in solar, wind and hydrogen can bring about a sustainable energy future. It examines how cities—which are responsible for three-quarters of the world’s energy use and, consequently, more than three-quarters of the world’s carbon emissions—are leading the adoption of a smart energy mix for electricity and transportation.

This eBook takes you through our most shared blog posts of 2017 that cover:

  • What energy security means for all of us
  • The rise of renewables and how they are changing how we source and use energy
  • The quest to make energy available, affordable, and clean
  • The pivotal role cities play in the new era of smart and sustainable energy
  • The promise of hydrogen energy, how it is finally being realized, and its role alongside renewables and traditional sources of energy
  • The energy “moonshot” that will transform our world

Get Your Free Copy

Changing the Energy Game is sure to make your holidays more joyful. Download it for free here.


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