Bringing Hydrogen Gas to Market: There is a More Efficient Way

By Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO on July 06, 2016
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In this week’s post, I’d like to share a new video that explains how the traditional process of taking hydrogen gas to market has limited its widespread adoption as a viable source of energy.

This short, one-minute video highlights the difficulty and cost of storing and transporting hydrogen gas. It also covers how the math for one of today’s most prevalent hydrogen extraction methods, the steam reformation of natural gas, is not ideal to make it a truly clean alternative.

Specifically, the three challenges of taking traditional hydrogen gas to market include:

1. Storage

Because of its small molecule size and tendency to react with other elements, hydrogen gas, when liquefied, needs to be stored at high pressures and very low temperatures. The specialized and expensive equipment this requires puts hydrogen gas at a cost disadvantage versus other sources of energy.

2. Transportation

The unique chemical properties that make hydrogen challenging to store, also make it challenging to transport. Low pressures and temperatures require special tanks and pipelines for transporting hydrogen in its gas or liquefied states, which make hydrogen fuel expensive and limited in availability.

3. Not ideal for the environment

The process of steam reformation of natural gas to extract hydrogen presents an unbalanced equation for the environment. That’s because five kilograms of carbon are released into the atmosphere for every one kilogram of hydrogen gas produced with this process. That’s not good math for climate change.

At Joi Scientific, we’re working to overcome these barriers to hydrogen adoption. Watch this video and learn how Hydrogen 2.0 will bring about a new era of no-compromise energy through the highly efficient and affordable on-demand production of clean hydrogen fuel.


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