Welcome to the Hydrogen 2.0 Era.

Joi Scientific is leading the development in efficient extraction technology to produce hydrogen energy from water ― safely, affordably and with no carbon emissions. Better still: hydrogen can be made on-demand, where and when you need it. This is hydrogen made possible. See how Hydrogen 2.0 will enable people, industry and the planet to thrive in harmony.

Welcome to a world with no dirty compromises.

Abundant Energy.

Hydrogen. It’s all around us. Light, simple, elegant. The fabric of nature’s most abundant and magical substance: water. H 2O surrounds us in the form of oceans, waiting for imaginative minds to tap the energy from H2.

At Joi Scientific, we’ve paid close attention.

We harness powerful forces observed in nature, combined in a new way, to liberate hydrogen from its oxygen bond in water far more efficiently and sustainably than ever before. Our approach promises to unlock a nearly inexhaustible source of energy for our society.

Clean Energy.

When hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere, it is called pollution. It takes years for nature to clean these emissions.

When hydrogen is released into the atmosphere it is simply called water vapor.

Hydrogen reacts with oxygen on contact, producing pure water that nature immediately incorporates into the environment. Joi Scientific will make the entire energy cycle clean, not ‘cleanable.’

Affordable Energy.

It takes energy to produce energy and hydrogen is a challenging element. Traditional methods to isolate and store it put in more energy than they extract. For decades, this outdated approach has proven to be an expensive and inefficient way that has prevented the widespread use of this abundant element as a source of clean and affordable energy to power everything – from cars to cities.

Until now.

Joi Scientific is changing the game. Hydrogen 2.0 is designed to be affordable, carbon-free, and on-demand, so you can produce it where and when you need it.

Energy That Powers Innovation.

No matter the metric used – economics, supply or climate footprint – Hydrogen 2.0 may change the game for good. Mighty hydrogen indeed.
017 Metric Tons
Hydrogen in Oceans
0 Zero Emissions
No Carbon or Gases
0 Billion Pounds
Annual GHG Eliminated
Clean and affordable hydrogen energy

Meet the Game-Changers.

At Joi Scientific, social entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, engineers and experienced global business leaders are working hard to bring about a brighter future. We are headquartered at the epicenter where many of humanity’s most transformative innovations have launched: Kennedy Space Center.

How’s that for the next leap for Mankind?

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